Java happens before rules for Concurrency

The rules for happens-before are:

Program order rule. Each action in a thread happens-before every action in that thread that comes later in the program order.
Monitor lock rule. An unlock on a monitor lock happens-before every subsequent lock on that same monitor lock.
Volatile variable rule. A write to a volatile field happens-before every subsequent read of that same field.
Thread start rule. A call to Thread.start on a thread happens-before every action in the started thread.
Thread termination rule. Any action in a thread happens-before any other thread detects that thread has terminated, either by successfully return from Thread.join or by Thread.isAlive returning false.
Interruption rule. A thread calling interrupt on another thread happens-before the interrupted thread detects the interrupt (either by having InterruptedException thrown, or invoking isInterrupted or interrupted).
Finalizer rule. The end of a constructor for an object happens-before the start of the finalizer for that object.

5 Eylül 2016

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