LibreOffice Hackfest in Ankara 2016

Hi everyone,

LibreOffice Hackfest event occurred last weekend and it was hosted by TUBITAK-ULAKBIM. See here for details of the event.

We attended the event all together as Çanakkale team. (with/+Gülşah Köse, +Berk Güreken, +yeliz taneroğlu, +Ayşe Melike Yurtoğlu, +Burçin Akalın, +Kader Tarlan, +Faruk Uzun, +Özcan Esen, +Feyza Yavuz, +merttumer, +Kerem Hallaç +İrem Şendur)

We met LibreOffice developers Michael Meeks, Marcus Mohrhard and Jan-Marek Glogowski who came from abroad on friday. Then we listened to their presentations.

Michael Meeks's presentation began as introductory speech. This was about how the relationship between mentor and contributor should be maintained efficiently and how the development process should be.

Then, Marcus Mohrhard talked about the beneficial links and contents while contributing LibreOffice.

I had conversation with the developers at lunch break and I had a chance to meet them a lot. I had fun about the conversation and loved them all :)

Michael Meeks's was the first presentation in the afternoon. He told us about LibreOffice code base, LibreOffice components of the lowest level to the highest one and these components's communicate with each other. It was a enlightening presentation for me :)

Afterwards, Marcus explained the recent major changes in LibreOffice Calc's code. He talked about the difference in performance.

Before closing the day, Michael told the tools that used to debug in LibreOffice and we have been experimenting with small examples.

When Hackfest started, all the team members went on the tasks that they work on before and members who have questions about these tasks asked to the mentors.

As for what I'm doing is that I decided to contribute to the project that Marcus mentioned in his presentation Friday and I worked on the project installation and reviewed codes. I'm going to finish what we talk with Marcus and I will write about it in a few days:)

I didn't attend the second day of Hackfest. I spent time with my family in Bolu :)
I had fun, learned new things and made new friends. It was a great weekend for me. Also, I was glad to see Nurhak and Erdem, who I met their at AB2016.

Thank you very much, firstly my teacher +Necdet Yücel, event hosts TUBITAK-ULAKBİM and Muhammet Kara, Gökhan Gurbetoğlu and far away from Michael Meeks, Marcus Mohrhard and Jan-Marek Glogowski. I hope we meet again :)

2 Mayıs 2016

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