How to connect HBase using Apache Phoenix from Pentaho Kettle

In Our Office Mustafa needs to connect HBase from Pentaho Kettle. We find a solution for the problem. I want to share who need this.

  1. Download suitable  Apache Phoenix version for you from the website:
  2. Copy two files from source directory to: PENTAHO_INSTALL_PATH/lib/ phoenix-core-4.3.1.jar phoenix-4.3.1-client.jar
  3. Create a new project in Pentaho: File -> New -> Transformation
  4. From left pane select **Design -> Input -> Table Input **and drag it to your transformation
  5. Double click to your table input and give a name to your step
  6. Click new next to Connection select box to create a new database connection
  7. Give your connection a name (Ex: Phoenix)
    Connection Type: Generic Database
    Access: Native (JDBC)
    Custom Connection URL: Your ZooKeeper Hosts (Ex: jdbc:phoenix:localhost:2181:/hbase)
    Custom Driver Class Name: org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixDriver
    And then click Ok to close database connection settings popup

Thanks to Mustafa Artuc


10 Haziran 2015

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